Baby swimming

Baby swimming is an early way of getting used to water. The joy of the baby to move freely and to have physical contact with the parents is of paramount importance.

The goals of baby swimming are:

  • • training of balances
  • • strengthening of muscles and respiration tract
  • • stimulation of the circulation
  • • training the development of motor skills
  • • increase of the radius of activities
  • • education of self-confidence
  • • familiarity with water

Contents and methods:

  • • getting used to water
  • • encouragement of the attachment between parents and child
  • • parents will learn the safe handling with they babies
  • • invigoration of muscles and balance training
  • • joy of movement, curiosity and the willingness to satisfy the demand of activity by plays and movement suitable for children

The programs are epidemiological and scientifically based and will be provided by physiotherapists or masseurs/ medical lifeguard.

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