Quality objectives

Quality policy requires the formulation of quality objectives

Based on results of quality circles, workgroups and the executive’s management reports.

  •  Satisfied patients, who are:
  • o treated on high therapeutic standards
  • o well-informed about the therapy’s aims and methods
  • o assured to interact with responsible doctors
  •  To be the leading institution for lymphedema patients based on:
  • o close connection to „Clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation, Charité
  • o pooling of clinical, diagnostical and therapeutical competence
  •  To have an effective and efficient organisation by applying „Standard Operating Systems“ (SOP) to all therapy and diagnose processes.
  •  The daily business is affected by the idea of constant improvement (in terms of correction and prevention).
  •  To educate highly qualified employees by assisting students and interns through practical instructors, experienced physical therapists and standardised training concepts.