Corporate vision of the department for physical medicine and rehabilitation

  • • As a modern and innovative clinic, we undertake to offer high quality treatment, research and education. The focus of our work is the person, who is treated respectfully and friendly. The safety and satisfaction is an important aim of our work.
  • • The treatment proceeds at state-of-the-art science and research and is updated continuously.
  • • The high quality standard is foundation for interdisciplinary cooperation between all the Charité’s facilities and professionals.
  • • Thus, we contribute to the Charité’s corporate success. The education of medical students and physical therapists during their clinical internships is permanently optimised through modern educational concepts.
  • • The employee’s respect in an environment of acknowledgement and appreciation is at the very fore of our work. That boosts motivation, reliability, communication and teamwork. We commit to remain capable to take criticism and to pursue this vision.